Casbah User Documentation

Welcome to the Casbah Documentation. Casbah is a Scala toolkit for MongoDB — We use the term “toolkit” rather than “driver”, as Casbah is a layer on top of the official mongo-java-driver for better integration with Scala. This is as opposed to a native implementation of the MongoDB wire protocol, which the Java driver does exceptionally well. Rather than a complete rewrite, Casbah uses implicits, and Pimp My Library code to enhance the existing Java code.

Tutorial: Using Casbah
A quick tutorial to get you started using Casbah.
User Guide
The full guide to Casbah - covering installation, connecting, the query dsl , gridfs, and everything between.
The complete ScalaDocs for Casbah along with SXR cross referenced source.
The recent changes to Casbah
Whats new in Casbah
An indepth review of new features in MongoDB and Casbah

Help and support

For help and support using casbah please send emails / questions to the Casbah Mailing List on Google Groups. Also be sure to subscribe to the usergroup to get the latest news and information about Casbah.

Stackoverflow is also a great resource for getting answers to your casbah questions - just be sure to tag any questions with “casbah”. Just don’t forget to mark any answered questions as answered!


The source is available on GitHub and contributions are always encouraged. Contributions can be as simple as minor tweaks to the documentation, feature improments or updates to the core.

To contribute, fork the project on GitHub and send a pull request.

Offline Reading

Download the docs in either PDF or ePub formats for offline reading.

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