Package com.mongodb

Class MongoDriverInformation

  • public final class MongoDriverInformation
    extends Object
    The MongoDriverInformation class allows driver and library authors to add extra information about their library. This information is then available in the MongoD/MongoS logs.

    The following metadata can be included when creating a MongoClient.

    • The driver name. Eg: mongo-scala-driver
    • The driver version. Eg: 1.2.0
    • Extra platform information. Eg: Scala 2.11

    Note: Library authors are responsible for accepting MongoDriverInformation from external libraries using their library. Also all the meta data is limited to 512 bytes and any excess data will be truncated.

    Since server release
    • Method Detail

      • getDriverNames

        public List<String> getDriverNames()
        Returns the driverNames
        the driverNames
      • getDriverVersions

        public List<String> getDriverVersions()
        Returns the driverVersions
        the driverVersions
      • getDriverPlatforms

        public List<String> getDriverPlatforms()
        Returns the driverPlatforms
        the driverPlatforms