Class BsonDocumentCodec

All Implemented Interfaces:
Codec<BsonDocument>, CollectibleCodec<BsonDocument>, Decoder<BsonDocument>, Encoder<BsonDocument>

public class BsonDocumentCodec extends Object implements CollectibleCodec<BsonDocument>
A codec for BsonDocument instances.
  • Constructor Details

    • BsonDocumentCodec

      public BsonDocumentCodec()
      Creates a new instance with a default codec registry that uses the BsonValueCodecProvider.
    • BsonDocumentCodec

      public BsonDocumentCodec(CodecRegistry codecRegistry)
      Creates a new instance initialised with the given codec registry.
      codecRegistry - the CodecRegistry to use to look up the codecs for encoding and decoding to/from BSON
  • Method Details

    • getCodecRegistry

      public CodecRegistry getCodecRegistry()
      Gets the CodecRegistry for this Codec.
      the registry
    • decode

      public BsonDocument decode(BsonReader reader, DecoderContext decoderContext)
      Description copied from interface: Decoder
      Decodes a BSON value from the given reader into an instance of the type parameter T.
      Specified by:
      decode in interface Decoder<BsonDocument>
      reader - the BSON reader
      decoderContext - the decoder context
      an instance of the type parameter T.
    • readValue

      protected BsonValue readValue(BsonReader reader, DecoderContext decoderContext)
      This method may be overridden to change the behavior of reading the current value from the given BsonReader. It is required that the value be fully consumed before returning.
      reader - the read to read the value from
      decoderContext - the context
      the non-null value read from the reader
    • encode

      public void encode(BsonWriter writer, BsonDocument value, EncoderContext encoderContext)
      Description copied from interface: Encoder
      Encode an instance of the type parameter T into a BSON value.
      Specified by:
      encode in interface Encoder<BsonDocument>
      writer - the BSON writer to encode into
      value - the value to encode
      encoderContext - the encoder context
    • getEncoderClass

      public Class<BsonDocument> getEncoderClass()
      Description copied from interface: Encoder
      Returns the Class instance that this encodes. This is necessary because Java does not reify generic types.
      Specified by:
      getEncoderClass in interface Encoder<BsonDocument>
      the Class instance that this encodes.
    • generateIdIfAbsentFromDocument

      public BsonDocument generateIdIfAbsentFromDocument(BsonDocument document)
      Description copied from interface: CollectibleCodec
      Generates a value for the _id field on the given document, if the document does not have one.
      Specified by:
      generateIdIfAbsentFromDocument in interface CollectibleCodec<BsonDocument>
      document - the document for which to generate a value for the _id.
      the document with the _id
    • documentHasId

      public boolean documentHasId(BsonDocument document)
      Description copied from interface: CollectibleCodec
      Returns true if the given document has an _id.
      Specified by:
      documentHasId in interface CollectibleCodec<BsonDocument>
      document - the document in which to look for an _id
      true if the document has an _id
    • getDocumentId

      public BsonValue getDocumentId(BsonDocument document)
      Description copied from interface: CollectibleCodec
      Gets the _id of the given document if it contains one, otherwise throws IllegalArgumentException. To avoid the latter case, call documentHasId first to check.
      Specified by:
      getDocumentId in interface CollectibleCodec<BsonDocument>
      document - the document from which to get the _id
      the _id of the document