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The official MongoDB Java Drivers providing both synchronous and asynchronous interaction with MongoDB.


BSON Library
A standalone BSON library, with a new Codec infrastructure that you can use to build high-performance encoders and decoders without requiring an intermediate Map instance.
MongoDB Driver
An updated Java driver that includes the legacy API as well as a new generic MongoCollection interface that complies with a new cross-driver CRUD specification.
MongoDB Reactive Streams Driver
Providing asynchronous stream processing with non-blocking back pressure for MongoDB. Fully implements the Reactive Streams API for providing interop with other reactive streams within the JVM ecosystem.

From 4.0 documentation for the MongoDB Java Reactive Streams Driver is available here, alongside all the JVM drivers. For 1.x documentation see the old Reactive Streams Java Driver documentation.
MongoDB Scala Driver
Providing idiomatic Scala support for MongoDB.

From 4.0 documentation for the MongoDB Scala Driver is available here, alongside all the JVM drivers. For 2.x documentation see the old Scala Driver documentation.


5.0.0 Reference | API
4.11.1 Reference | API
4.10.2 Reference | API
4.9.0 Reference | API
4.8.0 Reference | API
4.7.2 Reference | API
4.6.0 API
4.5.1 API
4.4.1 API
4.3.4 API
4.2.3 API
4.1.2 API
4.0.6 API
3.12.14 API
3.11.3 API
3.10.2 API
3.9.0 API
3.8.2 API
3.7.1 API
3.6.4 API
3.5.0 API
3.4.3 API

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