To contribute to the project we encourage pull requests allowing for discussion of code changes.


When you are ready to send us a pull request make sure you perform the following steps first.

  • Ensure you have at least one test case that covers the new code. If you are wondering how to do this please feel free to ask in the pull request for help.
  • Ensure you run the tests. node test/runner.js -t functional
  • Squash all your commits into a single commit. git rebase -i. You can force update your pull request as history for it is not important for us to keep.

Contribution Steps

  1. Fork the Node.js driver from
  2. Create a new feature branch (git checkout -b feature)
  3. Commit your changes using git (git commit -a -m 'My changes')
  4. Run tests suite (ensure mongodb is in path) (node test/runner.js -t functional)
  5. Squash the commits (git rebase -i)
  6. Push the new branch to your github fork (git push origin feature)
  7. Create a new Pull Request on github.

Running Tests

Clone repository locally

git clone
cd node-mongodb-native
npm install

Running The Test Suite

Make sure the mongod executable is in your shell or command line path. Then run the functional test suite.

node test/runner.js -t functional

To run the replicaset test suite do

node test/runner.js -t functional -e replicaset

To run the sharded test suite do

node test/runner.js -t functional -e sharded
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