A Scala toolkit for MongoDB

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Casbah is now officially end-of-life (EOL). No further developments, bugfixes, enhancements, scaladoc changes, maintenance will be provided by this project.

Users are encouraged to migrate to the Mongo Scala Driver for a modern idiomatic MongoDB Scala driver.


Casbah is a Scala toolkit for MongoDB.

Quick Start

The recommended way to get started is with a dependency management system. Select the version and dependency management system below and the snippet can be copied and pasted into your build.

Alternatively, head over to our documentation to learn more about getting started with Scala and MongoDB.


    libraryDependencies += "org.mongodb" %% "casbah" % "3.1.1"


3.1.1 Reference | API
3.0.0 Reference | API
2.8.2 Reference | API