MongoDB .NET Driver

The next generation .NET driver for MongoDB


The official MongoDB .NET Driver provides asynchronous interaction with MongoDB. Powering the drivers is a Core library and a BSON library.


A completely async driver to talk with MongoDB.
A distributed file system built on MongoDB.
Core Driver
The MongoDB Driver is built on top of a new Core library which anyone can use to build alternative or experimental high-level APIs.
BSON Library
A standalone BSON library, with a serialization infrastructure that you can use to build high-performance serializers.

Quick Start

The recommended way to get started using one of the drivers in your project is with a dependency management system. Select the driver, version and dependency management system below and the snippet can be copied and pasted into your build.

Alternatively, head over to our documentation to learn more about getting started with .NET and MongoDB.

    <package id="MongoDB.Driver" version="2.18.0" />
    <package id="MongoDB.Driver.Core" version="2.18.0" />
    <package id="MongoDB.Bson" version="2.18.0" />

The driver.


2.18.0 Reference | API
2.17.1 Reference | API
2.16.1 Reference | API
2.15.1 Reference | API
2.14.1 Reference | API
2.13.3 Reference | API
2.12.5 Reference | API
2.11.6 Reference | API
2.10.4 Reference | API
2.9.3 Reference | API
2.8.1 Reference | API
2.7.3 Reference | API
2.6.1 Reference | API
2.5.1 Reference | API
2.4.4 Reference | API
2.3.0 Reference | API
2.2.4 Reference | API
2.1.1 Reference | API
2.0.2 Reference | API
1.11 Reference | API

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