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QueryMessage Properties

The QueryMessage type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAwaitData
Gets a value indicating whether the server should await data (used with tailable cursors).
Public propertyBatchSize
Gets the size of a batch.
Public propertyCollectionNamespace
Gets the collection namespace.
Public propertyFields
Gets the fields.
Public propertyMayBeCompressed
Gets the flag whether the message may be compressed or not.
(Inherited from MongoDBMessage.)
Public propertyMessageType
Gets the type of the message.
(Overrides MongoDBMessageMessageType.)
Public propertyNoCursorTimeout
Gets a value indicating whether the server should not timeout the cursor.
Public propertyOplogReplay
Gets a value indicating whether the OplogReplay bit will be set.
Public propertyPartialOk
Gets a value indicating whether the server is allowed to return partial results if any shards are unavailable.
Public propertyPostWriteAction
Gets or sets the delegate called to after the message has been written by the encoder.
Public propertyQuery
Gets the query.
Public propertyQueryValidator
Gets the query validator.
Public propertyRequestId
Gets the request identifier.
(Inherited from RequestMessage.)
Public propertyResponseHandling
Gets or sets the response handling.
Public propertyShouldBeSent
Gets a delegate that determines whether this message should be sent.
(Inherited from RequestMessage.)
Public propertySkip
Gets the number of documents to skip.
Public propertySlaveOk
Gets a value indicating whether it is OK if the server is not the primary.
Public propertyTailableCursor
Gets a value indicating whether the query should return a tailable cursor.
Public propertyWasSent
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this message was sent.
(Inherited from RequestMessage.)
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