MongoDB C++ Driver  mongocxx-3.1.3
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NbsoncxxTop level namespace for MongoDB C++ BSON functionality
 Cdecimal128Represents an IEEE 754-2008 BSON Decimal128 value in a platform-independent way
 CexceptionClass representing any exceptions emitted from the bsoncxx library or its underlying implementation
 CoidRepresents a MongoDB ObjectId
 CvalidatorA validator is used to enable or disable specific checks that can be performed during BSON validation
 Cview_or_valueClass representing a view-or-value variant type
 NmongocxxTop level namespace for the MongoDB C++ driver
 Cbulk_writeClass representing a batch of write operations that can be sent to the server as a group
 CclientClass representing a client connection to MongoDB
 CcollectionClass representing server side document groupings within a MongoDB database
 CcursorClass representing a pointer to the result set of a query on a MongoDB server
 CdatabaseClass representing a MongoDB database
 CexceptionA class to be used as the base class for all mongocxx exceptions
 ChintClass representing a hint to be passed to a database operation
 Cinsert_many_builderClass to build an insert_many bulk write operation
 CinstanceClass representing an instance of the MongoDB driver
 CloggerThe interface that all user-defined loggers must implement
 CpipelineClass representing a MongoDB aggregation pipeline
 CpoolA pool of client objects associated with a MongoDB deployment
 Cread_concernA class to represent the read concern
 Cread_preferenceClass representing a preference for how the driver routes read operations to members of a replica set or to a sharded cluster
 CuriClass representing a MongoDB connection string URI
 Cvalidation_criteriaClass representing criteria for document validation, to be applied to a collection
 Cwrite_concernClass representing the server-side requirement for reporting the success of a write operation
 Cis_error_code_enum< bsoncxx::error_code >
 Cis_error_code_enum< mongocxx::error_code >
 Cis_error_code_enum< mongocxx::server_error_code >