Package org.bson

Interface BSONEncoder

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    BasicBSONEncoder, DefaultDBEncoder

    public interface BSONEncoder

    A BSONEncoder is a class which can be used to turn documents into byte arrays. The BSONEncoder walks down through the object graph and writes corresponding byte sequences into underlying OutputBuffer.

    This class is a part of legacy API. Please check Encoder for a new one.

    • Method Detail

      • putObject

        int putObject​(BSONObject document)
        Encoder and write a document into underlying buffer.
        document - the document to be encoded
        number of bytes written
      • done

        void done()
        Free the resources.
      • set

        void set​(OutputBuffer buffer)
        Sets the buffer to wrich the result of encoding will be written.
        buffer - the buffer to be used to write a byte sequences to