Class CommandSucceededEvent

  • public final class CommandSucceededEvent
    extends CommandEvent
    An event representing the completion of a MongoDB database command.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CommandSucceededEvent

        public CommandSucceededEvent​(int requestId,
                                     ConnectionDescription connectionDescription,
                                     String commandName,
                                     BsonDocument response,
                                     long elapsedTimeNanos)
        Construct an instance.
        requestId - the request id
        connectionDescription - the connection description
        commandName - the command name
        response - the command response
        elapsedTimeNanos - the non-negative elapsed time in nanoseconds for the operation to complete
    • Method Detail

      • getElapsedTime

        public long getElapsedTime​(TimeUnit timeUnit)
        Gets the elapsed time in the given unit of time.
        timeUnit - the time unit in which to get the elapsed time
        the elapsed time
      • getResponse

        public BsonDocument getResponse()
        Gets the response document. The document is only usable within the method that delivered the event. If it's needed for longer, it must be cloned via Object.clone().
        the response document