Class RawBsonDocumentCodec

All Implemented Interfaces:
Codec<RawBsonDocument>, Decoder<RawBsonDocument>, Encoder<RawBsonDocument>

public class RawBsonDocumentCodec extends Object implements Codec<RawBsonDocument>
A simple BSONDocumentBuffer codec. It does not attempt to validate the contents of the underlying ByteBuffer. It assumes that it contains a single encoded BSON document.
  • Constructor Details

    • RawBsonDocumentCodec

      public RawBsonDocumentCodec()
      Constructs a new instance.
  • Method Details

    • encode

      public void encode(BsonWriter writer, RawBsonDocument value, EncoderContext encoderContext)
      Description copied from interface: Encoder
      Encode an instance of the type parameter T into a BSON value.
      Specified by:
      encode in interface Encoder<RawBsonDocument>
      writer - the BSON writer to encode into
      value - the value to encode
      encoderContext - the encoder context
    • decode

      public RawBsonDocument decode(BsonReader reader, DecoderContext decoderContext)
      Description copied from interface: Decoder
      Decodes a BSON value from the given reader into an instance of the type parameter T.
      Specified by:
      decode in interface Decoder<RawBsonDocument>
      reader - the BSON reader
      decoderContext - the decoder context
      an instance of the type parameter T.
    • getEncoderClass

      public Class<RawBsonDocument> getEncoderClass()
      Description copied from interface: Encoder
      Returns the Class instance that this encodes. This is necessary because Java does not reify generic types.
      Specified by:
      getEncoderClass in interface Encoder<RawBsonDocument>
      the Class instance that this encodes.