Package com.mongodb

@NonNullApi package com.mongodb
  • Class
    The options to apply to an aggregate operation.
    Builder for creating AggregationOptions.
    A builder for a single update request.
    Represents an error for an item included in a bulk write operation, e.g.
    An exception that represents all errors associated with a bulk write operation.
    A bulk write operation.
    A builder for a single write request.
    The result of a successful bulk write operation.
    Represents an upsert request in a bulk write operation that resulted in an insert.
    A simple wrapper to hold the result of a command.
    Interface for providing consistent behaviour between different Cursor implementations.
    A thread-safe client view of a logical database in a MongoDB cluster.
    The DB callback interface.
    Factory for creating concrete implementations of DBCallback.
    Implementation of a database collection.
    An iterator over database results.
    An interface for decoders of BSON into instances of DBObject that belong to a DBCollection.
    Creates concrete DBDecoder instances.
    An interface for encoders of BSONObject to BSON.
    Creates concrete DBEncoder instances.
    An implementation of DBCallback that decodes into a DBObject.
    An implementation of DBDecoder
    The default BSON encoder for BSONObject instances.
    Options related to insertion of documents into MongoDB.
    A BSONCallback for the creation of LazyDBObject and LazyDBList instances.
    A decoder for LazyDBObject instances.
    Encoder that only knows how to encode BSONObject instances of type LazyDBObject.
    A LazyDBObject representing a BSON array.
    An immutable DBObject backed by a byte buffer that lazily provides keys and values on request.
    Superseded by aggregate
    Represents the different options available for outputting the results of a map-reduce operation.
    Superseded by aggregate
    A MongoDB client with internal connection pooling.
    Various settings to control the behavior of a MongoClient.
    A builder for MongoClientOptions so that MongoClientOptions can be immutable, and to support easier construction through chaining.
    Represents a URI which can be used to create a MongoClient instance.
    Utility for creating DBObject queries
    MongoDB keywords for various query operations.
    An error representing a failure by the server to apply the requested write concern to the bulk operation.
    This class lets you access the results of the previous acknowledged write.