Class BsonTypeClassMap


public class BsonTypeClassMap extends Object

A map from a BSON types to the Class to which it should be decoded. This class is useful if, for example, you want to change the default decoding of BSON DATE to something besides java.util.Date.

The default mappings are:

  • DOCUMENT: org.bson.Document.class
  • ARRAY: java.util.List.class
  • DATE_TIME: java.util.Date.class
  • BOOLEAN: java.lang.Boolean.class
  • DOUBLE: java.lang.Double.class
  • INT32: java.lang.Integer.class
  • INT64: java.lang.Long.class
  • DECIMAL128: org.bson.types.Decimal128.class
  • STRING: java.lang.String.class
  • BINARY: org.bson.types.Binary.class
  • OBJECT_ID: org.bson.types.ObjectId.class
  • REGULAR_EXPRESSION: org.bson.types.RegularExpression.class
  • SYMBOL: org.bson.types.Symbol.class
  • DB_POINTER: org.bson.types.DBPointer.class
  • MAX_KEY: org.bson.types.MaxKey.class
  • MIN_KEY: org.bson.types.MinKey.class
  • JAVASCRIPT: org.bson.types.Code.class
  • JAVASCRIPT_WITH_SCOPE: org.bson.types.CodeWithScope.class
  • TIMESTAMP: org.bson.types.BSONTimestamp.class
  • UNDEFINED: org.bson.types.Undefined.class
  • Constructor Details

    • BsonTypeClassMap

      public BsonTypeClassMap(Map<BsonType,Class<?>> replacementsForDefaults)
      Construct an instance with the default mapping, but replacing the default mapping with any values contained in the given map. This allows a caller to easily replace a single or a few mappings, while leaving the rest at their default values.
      replacementsForDefaults - the replacement mappings
    • BsonTypeClassMap

      public BsonTypeClassMap()
      Construct an instance with the default mappings.
  • Method Details

    • get

      public Class<?> get(BsonType bsonType)
      Gets the Class that is mapped to the given BSON type.
      bsonType - the BSON type
      the Class that is mapped to the BSON type
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      public boolean equals(Object o)
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      public int hashCode()
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