Class PojoCodecProvider

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public final class PojoCodecProvider extends Object implements CodecProvider
Provides Codecs for registered POJOs via the ClassModel abstractions.
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    • builder

      public static PojoCodecProvider.Builder builder()
      Creates a Builder so classes or packages can be registered and configured before creating an immutable CodecProvider.
      the Builder
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    • get

      public <T> Codec<T> get(Class<T> clazz, CodecRegistry registry)
      Description copied from interface: CodecProvider
      Get a Codec using the given context, which includes, most importantly, the Class for which a Codec is required.

      This method is called by the driver only if CodecProvider.get(Class, List, CodecRegistry) is not overridden, or is overridden such that it calls this method.

      Specified by:
      get in interface CodecProvider
      Type Parameters:
      T - the type of the class for which a Codec is required
      clazz - the Class for which to get a Codec
      registry - the registry to use for resolving dependent Codec instances
      the Codec instance, which may be null, if this source is unable to provide one for the requested Class