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Package Summary
The core mongodb package
Contains annotations that can apply to any part of the driver code.
Contains classes for representing the result of a bulk write operation.
This package contains codecs for use with GridFS
This package contains models for use with GridFS
This package contains models and options that help describe MongoCollection operations
This package contains classes for the change stream api
This package contains classes that represent GeoJSON objects.
This package contains classes that encode and decode GeoJSON objects.
Query building API for MongoDB Atlas full-text search.
This package contains options classes for the key vault API
This package contains classes representing operation results
Contains classes that manage connecting to MongoDB servers.
This package contains cluster and connection event related classes
This package contains JSR 305-compatible annotations related to nullability.
Contains classes for monitoring the server/driver via Java Management Extensions (JMX).
Contains classes that determine how to select the server to connect to in order to send commands or queries.
Contains classes related to sessions
This package defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for a DNS provider.