Interface MongoChangeStreamCursor<TResult>

Type Parameters:
TResult - The type of documents the cursor contains
All Superinterfaces:
AutoCloseable, Closeable, Iterator<TResult>, MongoCursor<TResult>

@NotThreadSafe public interface MongoChangeStreamCursor<TResult> extends MongoCursor<TResult>
The Mongo Cursor interface for change streams implementing the iterator protocol.

An application should ensure that a cursor is closed in all circumstances, e.g. using a try-with-resources statement:

 try (MongoChangeStreamCursor<ChangeStreamDocument<Document>> cursor = {
     while (cursor.hasNext()) {
  • Method Details

    • getResumeToken

      @Nullable BsonDocument getResumeToken()
      Returns the resume token. If a batch has been iterated to the last change stream document in the batch and a postBatchResumeToken is included in the document, the postBatchResumeToken will be returned. Otherwise, the resume token contained in the last change stream document will be returned.
      the resume token, which can be null if the cursor has either not been iterated yet, or the cursor is closed.