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MongoDB.Driver.GridFS Namespace
The classes used to interact with MongoDB GridFS are part of the MongoDB.Driver.GridFS namespace.
Public classGridFSBucket
Represents a GridFS bucket.
Public classGridFSBucketOptions
Represents mutable options for a GridFS instance.
Public classGridFSChunkException
Represents a GridFSChunk exception.
Public classGridFSDownloadByNameOptions
Represents options to a GridFS download by name operation.
Public classGridFSDownloadOptions
Represents options for a GridFS download operation.
Public classGridFSDownloadStream
Represents a Stream used by the application to read data from a GridFS file.
Public classGridFSException
Represents a GridFS exception.
Public classGridFSFileInfo
Represents information about a stored GridFS file (backed by a files collection document).
Public classGridFSFileInfoSerializer
Represents a serializer for GridFSFileInfo.
Public classGridFSFileNotFoundException
Represents a GridFSFileNotFound exception.
Public classGridFSFindOptions
Represents options for a GridFS Find operation.
Public classGridFSMD5Exception
Represents a GridFSMD5 exception.
Public classGridFSUploadOptions
Represents options for a GridFS upload operation.
Public classGridFSUploadStream
Represents a Stream used by the application to write data to a GridFS file.
Public classImmutableGridFSBucketOptions
Represents immutable options for a GridFS instance.
Public classMongoGridFS
Represents a GridFS file system.
Public classMongoGridFSCreateOptions
Represents options used when creating a GridFS file.
Public classMongoGridFSException
Represents a MongoDB GridFS exception.
Public classMongoGridFSFileInfo
Represents information about a GridFS file (patterned after .NET's FileInfo class).
Public classMongoGridFSSettings
Represents setting for GridFS.
Public classMongoGridFSStream
Represents a stream interface to a GridFS file (patterned after .NET's Stream class).
Public interfaceIGridFSBucket
Represents a GridFS system bucket.