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BsonClassMap Properties

The BsonClassMap type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllMemberMaps
Gets all the member maps (including maps for inherited members).
Public propertyBaseClassMap
Gets the base class map.
Public propertyClassType
Gets the class type.
Public propertyConventionPack
Gets the conventions used for auto mapping.
Public propertyCreatorMaps
Gets the constructor maps.
Public propertyDeclaredMemberMaps
Gets the declared member maps (only for members declared in this class).
Public propertyDiscriminator
Gets the discriminator.
Public propertyDiscriminatorIsRequired
Gets whether a discriminator is required when serializing this class.
Public propertyExtraElementsMemberMap
Gets the member map of the member used to hold extra elements.
Public propertyHasCreatorMaps
Gets whether this class map has any creator maps.
Public propertyHasRootClass
Gets whether this class has a root class ancestor.
Public propertyIdMemberMap
Gets the Id member map (null if none).
Public propertyIgnoreExtraElements
Gets whether extra elements should be ignored when deserializing.
Public propertyIgnoreExtraElementsIsInherited
Gets whether the IgnoreExtraElements value should be inherited by derived classes.
Public propertyIsAnonymous
Gets whether this class is anonymous.
Public propertyIsFrozen
Gets whether the class map is frozen.
Public propertyIsRootClass
Gets whether this class is a root class.
Public propertyKnownTypes
Gets the known types of this class.
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