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BsonMemberMap Properties

The BsonMemberMap type exposes the following members.

Public propertyClassMap
Gets the class map that this member map belongs to.
Public propertyDefaultValue
Gets the default value.
Public propertyElementName
Gets the name of the element.
Public propertyGetter
Gets the getter function.
Public propertyIdGenerator
Gets the Id generator.
Public propertyIgnoreIfDefault
Gets whether default values should be ignored when serialized.
Public propertyIgnoreIfNull
Gets whether null values should be ignored when serialized.
Public propertyIsDefaultValueSpecified
Gets whether a default value was specified.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Gets whether the member is readonly.
Public propertyIsRequired
Gets whether an element is required for this member when deserialized.
Public propertyMemberInfo
Gets the member info.
Public propertyMemberName
Gets the name of the member.
Public propertyMemberType
Gets the type of the member.
Public propertyMemberTypeIsBsonValue
Gets whether the member type is a BsonValue.
Public propertyOrder
Gets the serialization order.
Public propertySetter
Gets the setter function.
Public propertyShouldSerializeMethod
Gets the method that will be called to determine whether the member should be serialized.
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