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ConnectionSettings Constructor
Initializes a new instance of the ConnectionSettings class.

Namespace: MongoDB.Driver.Core.Configuration
Assembly: MongoDB.Driver.Core (in MongoDB.Driver.Core.dll) Version: 2.4.1
public ConnectionSettings(
	Optional<IEnumerable<IAuthenticator>> authenticators = null,
	Optional<TimeSpan> maxIdleTime = null,
	Optional<TimeSpan> maxLifeTime = null,
	Optional<string> applicationName = null


authenticators (Optional)
Type: MongoDB.DriverOptionalIEnumerableIAuthenticator
The authenticators.
maxIdleTime (Optional)
Type: MongoDB.DriverOptionalTimeSpan
The maximum idle time.
maxLifeTime (Optional)
Type: MongoDB.DriverOptionalTimeSpan
The maximum life time.
applicationName (Optional)
Type: MongoDB.DriverOptionalString
The application name.
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