Interface Subscription

  • Deprecated. 
    Prefer the Reactive Streams-based asynchronous driver (mongodb-driver-reactivestreams artifactId)

    public interface Subscription
    A Subscription represents a one-to-one lifecycle of a Observer subscribing to an Observable.

    Instances can only be used once by a single Observer.

    It is used to both signal desire for data and to allow for unsubscribing.

    • Method Detail

      • request

        void request​(long n)
        No operation will be sent to MongoDB from the Observable until demand is signaled via this method.

        It can be called however often and whenever needed, but the outstanding cumulative demand must never exceed Long.MAX_VALUE. An outstanding cumulative demand of Long.MAX_VALUE may be treated by the Observable as "effectively unbounded".

        Whatever has been requested might be sent, so only signal demand for what can be safely handled.

        An Observable can send less than is requested if the stream ends but then must emit either Observer.onError(Throwable) or Observer.onComplete().

        n - the strictly positive number of elements to requests to the upstream Observable
      • unsubscribe

        void unsubscribe​()
        Request the Observable to stop sending data and clean up resources.

        As this request is asynchronous data may still be sent to meet previously signalled demand after calling cancel.

      • isUnsubscribed

        boolean isUnsubscribed​()
        Indicates whether this Subscription is currently unsubscribed.
        true if this Subscription is currently unsubscribed, false otherwise