Class MongoClientFactory

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    public class MongoClientFactory
    extends Object
    implements ObjectFactory
    An ObjectFactory for MongoClient instances.
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      • MongoClientFactory

        public MongoClientFactory​()
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      • getObjectInstance

        public Object getObjectInstance​(Object obj,
                                        Name name,
                                        Context nameCtx,
                                        Hashtable<?,?> environment)
                                 throws Exception
        This implementation will create instances of MongoClient based on a connection string conforming to the format specified in MongoClientURI.

        The connection string is specified in one of two ways:

        • As the String value of a property in the environment parameter with a key of "connectionString"
        • As the String value of a RefAddr with type "connectionString" in an obj parameter of type Reference
        Specification of the connection string in the environment parameter takes precedence over specification in the obj parameter. The name and nameCtx parameters are ignored. If a non-empty connection string is not specified in either of these two ways, a MongoException is thrown.
        Specified by:
        getObjectInstance in interface ObjectFactory
        an instance of MongoClient based on the specified connection string
        MongoException - Note: Not all options that can be specified via MongoClientOptions can be specified via the connection string.