Package org.bson

Class BsonUndefined

  • public final class BsonUndefined
    extends BsonValue
    Represents the value associated with the BSON Undefined type. All values of this type are identical. Note that this type has been deprecated in the BSON specification.
    See Also:
    BSON Spec, BsonType.UNDEFINED
    • Constructor Detail

      • BsonUndefined

        public BsonUndefined​()
    • Method Detail

      • getBsonType

        public BsonType getBsonType​()
        Description copied from class: BsonValue
        Gets the BSON type of this value.
        Specified by:
        getBsonType in class BsonValue
        the BSON type, which may not be null (but may be BSONType.NULL)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode​()
        hashCode in class Object