Interface GridFSDownloadPublisher

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public interface GridFSDownloadPublisher extends Publisher<ByteBuffer>
A GridFS Publisher for downloading data from GridFS

Provides the GridFSFile for the file to being downloaded as well as a way to control the batchsize.

  • Method Details

    • getGridFSFile

      Publisher<GridFSFile> getGridFSFile()
      Gets the corresponding GridFSFile for the file being downloaded
      a Publisher with a single element, the corresponding GridFSFile for the file being downloaded
    • bufferSizeBytes

      GridFSDownloadPublisher bufferSizeBytes(int bufferSizeBytes)
      The preferred number of bytes per ByteBuffer returned by the Publisher.

      Allows for larger than chunk size ByteBuffers. The actual chunk size of the data stored in MongoDB is the smallest allowable ByteBuffer size.

      Can be used to control the memory consumption of this Publisher. The smaller the bufferSizeBytes the lower the memory consumption and higher latency.

      Note: Must be set before the Publisher is subscribed to.

      bufferSizeBytes - the preferred buffer size in bytes to use per ByteBuffer in the Publisher, defaults to chunk size.