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No expected upgrade issues from previous release.


ClientSession support for transactions

Due to the introduction of transaction support in MongoDB, the ClientSession type alias has been moved, so to support Async transactions. The type alias has been updated to com.mongodb.async.client.ClientSession. Code will need to be recompiled against the underlying java driver.



The Mongo Java Driver 3.7.0 introduces a new com.mongodb.MongoClientSettings class to unify the settings across the sync and async drivers. The legacy com.mongodb.async.client.MongoClientSettings has been deprecated. As such the MongoClientSettings alias now points to the supported class and the MongoClientSettings.builder() helper points to the supported builder.

The legacy settings are still supported and can be imported from com.mongodb.async.client.MongoClientSettings. It is only required if you need multiple credentials or custom heartbeatSocketSettings, both of which have been deprecated.


No expected upgrade issues from previous release.


No expected upgrade issues from previous release.


MongoCollection method default to collection type fix.

Previously, in the 1.x series MongoCollection[T].find() by default would return a FindObservable[Document] and not FindObservable[T]. While this was easy to work around by explicitly setting the type eg: MongoCollection[T].find[T]() we’ve bumped the version to 2.0.0 so that we can fix the API issue.

If you took advantage of the default type being Document you will need to update your code: MongoCollection[T].find[Document]().


The addition of the SingleObservable trait allows for easy identification of Observables that return only a single element. For a SingleObservables toFuture() will return a Future[T] instead of Future[Seq[T]], any code relying on this will need to be updated to reflect the new result type.