MongoDB Helm Charts repository for Kubernetes

Trial Version of Helm Charts

This repository contains Helm Charts for different MongoDB products.

Charts Description
atlas-operator MongoDB Atlas Operator Helm Chart.
atlas-deployment MongoDB Atlas Deployment Helm Chart. Create Mongo Database resources.
atlas-operator-crds MongoDB Atlas Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) Helm Chart.
community-operator MongoDB Community Operator Helm Chart.
community-operator-crds MongoDB Community Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) Helm Chart.
enterprise-operator MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator Helm Chart.
sample-app A Sample Front/Back-end application backed by a MongoDB Database.

Adding the MongoDB Helm Repo

The MongoDB Helm repository can be added using the helm repo add command, like in the following example:

$ helm repo add mongodb https://mongodb.github.io/helm-charts
"mongodb" has been added to your repositories

Additional Charts

All of MongoDB Helm charts will be moved into this repository. In the meantime, please find them on their own repositories: