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MongoDB.Driver.Linq Namespace
The MongoDB.Driver.Linq namespace contains the LINQ related classes.
Public classDeserializationProjectorTResult
Represents a projection that deserializes BsonValues.
Public classExpressionFormatter
A class that formats an Expression as a string.
Public classExpressionParameterReplacer
A class that replaces all occurences of one parameter with a different parameter.
Public classExpressionPrettyPrinter
A class that pretty prints an Expression.
Public classExpressionVisitor
An abstract base class for an Expression visitor.
Public classExpressionVisitorT
An abstract base class for an Expression visitor that returns a value of type T.
Public classLinqExtensionMethods
Static class that contains the Mongo Linq extension methods.
Public classLinqToMongo
This static class holds methods that can be used to express MongoDB specific query operations in LINQ queries.
Public classMongoQueryableT
An implementation of IQueryable{{T}} for querying a MongoDB collection. This class has been named MongoQueryable instead of MongoQuery to avoid confusion with IMongoQuery.
Public classMongoQueryProvider
An implementation of IQueryProvider for querying a MongoDB collection.
Public classMongoQueryTranslator
A translator from LINQ expression queries to Mongo queries.
Public classOrderByClause
Represents an order by clause.
Public classSelectQuery
Represents a LINQ query that has been translated to an equivalent MongoDB Find query.
Public classTranslatedQuery
Represents a LINQ query that has been translated to a MongoDB query.
Public enumerationOrderByDirection
Represents the direction of an order by clause.