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MongoServerSettings Properties

The MongoServerSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAddressFamily Obsolete.
Gets the AddressFamily for the IPEndPoint (derived from the IPv6 setting).
Public propertyClusterConfigurator
Gets or sets the cluster configurator.
Public propertyConnectionMode
Gets or sets the connection mode.
Public propertyConnectTimeout
Gets or sets the connect timeout.
Public propertyCredentials
Gets or sets the credentials.
Public propertyGuidRepresentation
Gets or sets the representation to use for Guids.
Public propertyIPv6
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to use IPv6.
Public propertyIsFrozen
Gets a value indicating whether the settings have been frozen to prevent further changes.
Public propertyLocalThreshold
Gets or sets the local threshold.
Public propertyMaxConnectionIdleTime
Gets or sets the max connection idle time.
Public propertyMaxConnectionLifeTime
Gets or sets the max connection life time.
Public propertyMaxConnectionPoolSize
Gets or sets the max connection pool size.
Public propertyMinConnectionPoolSize
Gets or sets the min connection pool size.
Public propertyOperationTimeout
Gets or sets the operation timeout.
Public propertyReadEncoding
Gets or sets the Read Encoding.
Public propertyReadPreference
Gets or sets the read preferences.
Public propertyReplicaSetName
Gets or sets the name of the replica set.
Public propertyServer
Gets or sets the address of the server (see also Servers if using more than one address).
Public propertyServers
Gets or sets the list of server addresses (see also Server if using only one address).
Public propertySocketTimeout
Gets or sets the socket timeout.
Public propertySslSettings
Gets or sets the SSL settings.
Public propertyUseSsl
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to use SSL.
Public propertyVerifySslCertificate
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to verify an SSL certificate.
Public propertyWaitQueueSize
Gets or sets the wait queue size.
Public propertyWaitQueueTimeout
Gets or sets the wait queue timeout.
Public propertyWriteConcern
Gets or sets the WriteConcern to use.
Public propertyWriteEncoding
Gets or sets the Write Encoding.
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