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IMongoCollectionTDocumentCountDocuments Method (FilterDefinitionTDocument, CountOptions, CancellationToken)

Counts the number of documents in the collection. For a fast estimate of the total documents in a collection see EstimatedDocumentCount(EstimatedDocumentCountOptions, CancellationToken).

Namespace:  MongoDB.Driver
Assembly:  MongoDB.Driver (in MongoDB.Driver.dll) Version: 2.10.0+569905ff5e778c38ea19d9d0392496a83e1704ed
long CountDocuments(
	FilterDefinition<TDocument> filter,
	CountOptions options = null,
	CancellationToken cancellationToken = null


Type: MongoDB.DriverFilterDefinitionTDocument
The filter.
options (Optional)
Type: MongoDB.DriverCountOptions
The options.
cancellationToken (Optional)
Type: System.ThreadingCancellationToken
The cancellation token.

Return Value

Type: Int64
The number of documents in the collection.
Note: when migrating from Count to CountDocuments the following query operations must be replaced:
| Operator    | Replacement                    |
| $where      |  $expr                         |
| $near       |  $geoWithin with $center       |
| $nearSphere |  $geoWithin with $centerSphere |
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