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CollectionStatsResult Properties

The CollectionStatsResult type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAverageObjectSize
Gets the average object size.
Public propertyCode
Gets the code.
(Inherited from CommandResult.)
Public propertyDataSize
Gets the data size.
Public propertyErrorMessage
Gets the error message (null if none).
(Inherited from CommandResult.)
Public propertyExtentCount
Gets the extent count.
Public propertyIndexCount
Gets the index count.
Public propertyIndexSizes
Gets the index sizes.
Public propertyIsCapped
Gets a value indicating whether the collection is capped.
Public propertyLastExtentSize
Gets the last extent size.
Public propertyMaxDocuments
Gets the index count.
Public propertyNamespace
Gets the namespace.
Public propertyObjectCount
Gets the object count.
Public propertyOk
Gets the Ok value from the response.
(Inherited from CommandResult.)
Public propertyPaddingFactor
Gets the padding factor.
Public propertyResponse
Gets the response.
(Inherited from CommandResult.)
Public propertyStorageSize
Gets the storage size.
Public propertySystemFlags
Gets the system flags.
Public propertyTotalIndexSize
Gets the total index size.
Public propertyUserFlags
Gets the user flags.
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