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MongoCursor Properties

The MongoCursor type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBatchSize
Gets or sets the batch size (the number of documents returned per batch).
Public propertyCollation
Gets the collation.
Public propertyCollection
Gets the collection that is being queried.
Public propertyDatabase
Gets the database that constains the collection that is being queried.
Public propertyFields
Gets or sets the fields that will be returned from the server.
Public propertyFlags
Gets or sets the query flags.
Public propertyIsFrozen
Gets whether the cursor has been frozen to prevent further changes.
Public propertyLimit
Gets or sets the limit on the number of documents to be returned.
Public propertyMaxAwaitTime
Gets or sets the maximum await time for TailableAwait cursors.
Public propertyOptions
Gets or sets the cursor options. See also the individual Set{Option} methods, which are easier to use.
Public propertyQuery
Gets the query that will be sent to the server.
Public propertyReadConcern
Gets the read concern.
Public propertyReadPreference
Gets or sets the read preference.
Public propertySerializer
Gets the serializer.
Public propertyServer
Gets the server that the query will be sent to.
Public propertySkip
Gets or sets the number of documents the server should skip before returning the rest of the documents.
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