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MongoDefaults Class

Default values for various Mongo settings.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  MongoDB.Driver
Assembly:  MongoDB.Driver (in MongoDB.Driver.dll) Version: 2.10.0+569905ff5e778c38ea19d9d0392496a83e1704ed
public static class MongoDefaults

The MongoDefaults type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAssignIdOnInsert
Gets or sets whether the driver should assign a value to empty Ids on Insert.
Public propertyStatic memberAuthenticationMechanism
Gets or sets the default authentication mechanism.
Public propertyStatic memberComputedWaitQueueSize Obsolete.
Gets the actual wait queue size (either WaitQueueSize or WaitQueueMultiple x MaxConnectionPoolSize).
Public propertyStatic memberConnectTimeout
Gets or sets the connect timeout.
Public propertyStatic memberGuidRepresentation
Gets or sets the representation to use for Guids (this is an alias for BsonDefaults.GuidRepresentation).
Public propertyStatic memberLocalThreshold
Gets or sets the default local threshold.
Public propertyStatic memberMaxBatchCount
Gets or sets the maximum batch count.
Public propertyStatic memberMaxConnectionIdleTime
Gets or sets the max connection idle time.
Public propertyStatic memberMaxConnectionLifeTime
Gets or sets the max connection life time.
Public propertyStatic memberMaxConnectionPoolSize
Gets or sets the max connection pool size.
Public propertyStatic memberMaxDocumentSize
Gets or sets the max document size
Public propertyStatic memberMaxMessageLength
Gets or sets the max message length.
Public propertyStatic memberMinConnectionPoolSize
Gets or sets the min connection pool size.
Public propertyStatic memberOperationTimeout
Gets or sets the operation timeout.
Public propertyStatic memberReadEncoding
Gets or sets the Read Encoding.
Public propertyStatic memberServerSelectionTimeout
Gets or sets the server selection timeout.
Public propertyStatic memberSocketTimeout
Gets or sets the socket timeout.
Public propertyStatic memberTcpReceiveBufferSize
Gets or sets the TCP receive buffer size.
Public propertyStatic memberTcpSendBufferSize
Gets or sets the TCP send buffer size.
Public propertyStatic memberWaitQueueMultiple Obsolete.
Gets or sets the wait queue multiple (the actual wait queue size will be WaitQueueMultiple x MaxConnectionPoolSize, see also WaitQueueSize).
Public propertyStatic memberWaitQueueSize Obsolete.
Gets or sets the wait queue size (see also WaitQueueMultiple).
Public propertyStatic memberWaitQueueTimeout
Gets or sets the wait queue timeout.
Public propertyStatic memberWriteEncoding
Gets or sets the Write Encoding.
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