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IClientSession Interface

The interface for a client session.

Namespace:  MongoDB.Driver
Assembly:  MongoDB.Driver (in MongoDB.Driver.dll) Version: 2.11.0+cb27a82ea70620ad1acad8058809be8302ae4f2a
public interface IClientSession : IDisposable

The IClientSession type exposes the following members.

Public propertyClient
Gets the client.
Public propertyClusterTime
Gets the cluster time.
Public propertyIsImplicit
Gets a value indicating whether this session is an implicit session.
Public propertyIsInTransaction
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is in a transaction.
Public propertyOperationTime
Gets the operation time.
Public propertyOptions
Gets the options.
Public propertyServerSession
Gets the server session.
Public propertyWrappedCoreSession
Gets the wrapped core session (intended for internal use only).
Public methodAbortTransaction
Aborts the transaction.
Public methodAbortTransactionAsync
Aborts the transaction.
Public methodAdvanceClusterTime
Advances the cluster time.
Public methodAdvanceOperationTime
Advances the operation time.
Public methodCommitTransaction
Commits the transaction.
Public methodCommitTransactionAsync
Commits the transaction.
Public methodDispose
Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.
(Inherited from IDisposable.)
Public methodStartTransaction
Starts a transaction.
Public methodWithTransactionTResult
Executes a callback within a transaction, with retries if needed.
Public methodWithTransactionAsyncTResult
Executes a callback within a transaction, with retries if needed.
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