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MongoDB.Driver.Core.Clusters Namespace

The MongoDB.Driver.Core.Clusters namespace contains classes related to clusters.
Public classClusterDescription
Represents information about a cluster.
Public classClusterDescriptionChangedEventArgs
Represents the data for the event that fires when a cluster description changes.
Public classClusterId
Represents a cluster identifier.
Public classCryptClientCreator
Represents a creator for CryptClient.
Public classElectionId
An election id from the server.
Public classReplicaSetConfig
Represents the config of a replica set (as reported by one of the members of the replica set).
Public interfaceICluster
Represents a MongoDB cluster.
Public interfaceIClusterClock
A cluster clock.
Public interfaceIClusterFactory
Represents a cluster factory.
Public enumerationClusterConnectionMode Obsolete.
Represents the cluster connection mode.
Public enumerationClusterState
Represents the state of a cluster.
Public enumerationClusterType
Represents the type of a cluster.
Public enumerationConnectionModeSwitch Obsolete.
Determine whether to use legacy ConnectionMode or DirectConnection.