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BsonBinarySubType Enumeration

Represents the binary data subtype of a BsonBinaryData.

Namespace:  MongoDB.Bson
Assembly:  MongoDB.Bson (in MongoDB.Bson.dll) Version: 2.12.2+a4a3888f4fb51bb518b1eb5002effc2d47f2ea6a
public enum BsonBinarySubType
  Member nameValueDescription
Binary0 Binary data.
Function1 A function.
OldBinary2 Obsolete. Obsolete binary data subtype (use Binary instead).
UuidLegacy3 A UUID in a driver dependent legacy byte order.
UuidStandard4 A UUID in standard network byte order.
MD55 An MD5 hash.
Encrypted6 Encrypted binary data.
UserDefined128 User defined binary data.
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