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FindOptionsBase Properties

The FindOptionsBase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowDiskUse
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the server is allowed to write to disk while executing the Find operation.
Public propertyAllowPartialResults
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to allow partial results when some shards are unavailable.
Public propertyBatchSize
Gets or sets the size of a batch.
Public propertyCollation
Gets or sets the collation.
Public propertyComment
Gets or sets the comment.
Public propertyCursorType
Gets or sets the type of the cursor.
Public propertyHint
Gets or sets the hint.
Public propertyMax
Gets or sets the max key value.
Public propertyMaxAwaitTime
Gets or sets the maximum await time for TailableAwait cursors.
Public propertyMaxTime
Gets or sets the maximum time.
Public propertyMin
Gets or sets the min key value.
Public propertyModifiers Obsolete.
Gets or sets the modifiers.
Public propertyNoCursorTimeout
Gets or sets whether a cursor will time out.
Public propertyOplogReplay Obsolete.
Gets or sets whether the OplogReplay bit will be set.
Public propertyReturnKey
Gets or sets returnKey. If true, returns only the index keys in the resulting documents.
Public propertyShowRecordId
Gets or sets whether the record Id should be added to the result document.
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