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MapReduceResult Properties

The MapReduceResult type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCode
Gets the code.
(Inherited from CommandResult.)
Public propertyCollectionName
Gets the output collection name (null if none).
Public propertyDatabaseName
Gets the output database name (null if none).
Public propertyDuration Obsolete.
Gets the duration.
Public propertyEmitCount Obsolete.
Gets the emit count.
Public propertyErrorMessage
Gets the error message (null if none).
(Inherited from CommandResult.)
Public propertyInlineResults
Gets the inline results.
Public propertyInputCount Obsolete.
Gets the input count.
Public propertyOk
Gets the Ok value from the response.
(Inherited from CommandResult.)
Public propertyOutputCount Obsolete.
Gets the output count.
Public propertyResponse
Gets the response.
(Inherited from CommandResult.)
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