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MongoDB.Bson Namespace

The MongoDB.Bson top level namespace and its child namespaces contain the classes for managing BSON data. The top level MongoDB.Bson namespace contains the classes that represent all the basic BSON Types.
Public classBsonArray
Represents a BSON array.
Public classBsonBinaryData
Represents BSON binary data.
Public classBsonBoolean
Represents a BSON boolean value.
Public classBsonConstants
A static class containing BSON constants.
Public classBsonDateTime
Represents a BSON DateTime value.
Public classBsonDecimal128
Represents a BSON Decimal128 value.
Public classBsonDefaults
A static helper class containing BSON defaults.
Public classBsonDocument
Represents a BSON document.
Public classBsonDocumentWrapper
Represents a BsonDocument wrapper.
Public classBsonDouble
Represents a BSON double value.
Public classBsonException
Represents a BSON exception.
Public classBsonExtensionMethods
A static class containing BSON extension methods.
Public classBsonInt32
Represents a BSON int value.
Public classBsonInt64
Represents a BSON long value.
Public classBsonInternalException
Represents a BSON internal exception (almost surely the result of a bug).
Public classBsonJavaScript
Represents a BSON JavaScript value.
Public classBsonJavaScriptWithScope
Represents a BSON JavaScript value with a scope.
Public classBsonMaxKey
Represents the BSON MaxKey value.
Public classBsonMinKey
Represents the BSON MinKey value.
Public classBsonNull
Represents the BSON Null value.
Public classBsonObjectId
Represents a BSON ObjectId value (see also ObjectId).
Public classBsonRegularExpression
Represents a BSON regular expression value.
Public classBsonSerializationException
Represents a BSON serialization exception.
Public classBsonString
Represents a BSON string value.
Public classBsonSymbol
Represents a BSON symbol value.
Public classBsonSymbolTable
Represents the symbol table of BsonSymbols.
Public classBsonTimestamp
Represents a BSON timestamp value.
Public classBsonTypeMapper
A static class that maps between .NET objects and BsonValues.
Public classBsonTypeMapperOptions
Represents options used by the BsonTypeMapper.
Public classBsonUndefined
Represents the BSON undefined value.
Public classBsonUtils
A static class containing BSON utility methods.
Public classBsonValue
Represents a BSON value (this is an abstract class, see the various subclasses).
Public classDuplicateBsonMemberMapAttributeException
Indicates that an attribute restricted to one member has been applied to multiple members.
Public classGuidConverter
A static class containing methods to convert to and from Guids and byte arrays in various byte orders.
Public classLazyBsonArray
Represents a BSON array that is deserialized lazily.
Public classLazyBsonDocument
Represents a BSON document that is deserialized lazily.
Public classMaterializedOnDemandBsonArray
Represents a BSON array that is not materialized until you start using it.
Public classMaterializedOnDemandBsonDocument
Represents a BSON document that is not materialized until you start using it.
Public classRawBsonArray
Represents an immutable BSON array that is represented using only the raw bytes.
Public classRawBsonDocument
Represents an immutable BSON document that is represented using only the raw bytes.
Public classTruncationException
Represents a truncation exception.
Public structureBsonElement
Represents a BSON element.
Public structureDecimal128
Represents a Decimal128 value.
Public structureObjectId
Represents an ObjectId (see also BsonObjectId).
Public interfaceIConvertibleToBsonDocument
An interface implemented by objects that convert themselves to a BsonDocument.
Public interfaceICustomBsonTypeMapper
An interface for custom mappers that map an object to a BsonValue.
Public enumerationBsonBinarySubType
Represents the binary data subtype of a BsonBinaryData.
Public enumerationBsonType
Represents the type of a BSON element.
Public enumerationDuplicateNameHandling
Represents how duplicate names should be handled.
Public enumerationGuidRepresentation
Represents the representation to use when converting a Guid to a BSON binary value.
Public enumerationGuidRepresentationMode
Whether to handle GuidRepresentation using the v2.x mode of the v3.x mode. See the reference documentation for details.