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ChangeStreamOptions Properties

The ChangeStreamOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBatchSize
Gets or sets the size of the batch.
Public propertyCollation
Gets or sets the collation.
Public propertyComment
Gets or sets the comment.
Public propertyFullDocument
Gets or sets the full document.
Public propertyFullDocumentBeforeChange
Gets or sets the full document before change.
Public propertyMaxAwaitTime
Gets or sets the maximum await time.
Public propertyResumeAfter
Gets or sets the resume after.
Public propertyShowExpandedEvents
Gets or sets whether the change stream should show expanded events (MongoDB 6.0 and later). Expanded change stream events include:
Public propertyStartAfter
Gets or sets the start after.
Public propertyStartAtOperationTime
Gets or sets the start at operation time.
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