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ChangeStreamFullDocumentBeforeChangeOption Enumeration

Change stream FullDocumentBeforeChange option.

Namespace:  MongoDB.Driver
Assembly:  MongoDB.Driver.Core (in MongoDB.Driver.Core.dll) Version: 2.17.0+b316340e6cc3a8bfc8638dc31b54fbbfe41bfcb2
public enum ChangeStreamFullDocumentBeforeChangeOption
  Member nameValueDescription
Default0 Do not send this option to the server. Server's default is to not return the full document before change.
Off1 Do not return the full document before change.
WhenAvailable2 Returns the pre-image of the modified document for replace, update and delete change events if the pre-image for this event is available.
Required3 Same behavior as 'whenAvailable' except that an error is raised if the pre-image is not available.
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