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MongoDB.Driver.Core.Configuration Namespace

The MongoDB.Driver.Core.Configuration namespace contains classes related to configuration.
Public classClusterBuilder
Represents a cluster builder.
Public classClusterBuilderExtensions
Extension methods for a ClusterBuilder.
Public classClusterSettings
Represents settings for a cluster.
Public classCompressorConfiguration
Represents a compressor configuration.
Public classConnectionPoolSettings
Represents settings for a connection pool.
Public classConnectionSettings
Represents settings for a connection.
Public classConnectionString
Represents a connection string.
Public classCryptClientSettings
Represents settings for a crypt client.
Public classLoggingSettings
Represents the settings for logging.
Public classSdamLoggingSettings Obsolete.
Represents settings for SDAM logging.
Public classServerSettings
Represents settings for a server.
Public classSslStreamSettings
Represents settings for an SSL stream.
Public classTcpStreamSettings
Represents settings for a TCP stream.
Public enumerationConnectionStringScheme
Represents the scheme used to construct the connection string.