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MongoDB.Driver.Encryption Namespace

The MongoDB.Driver.Encryption namespace contains all the basic types and classes related to client-side encryption.
Public classAutoEncryptionOptions
Auto encryption options.
Public classClientEncryption
Explicit client encryption.
Public classClientEncryptionOptions
Client encryption options.
Public classCreateEncryptedCollectionResult
Represents the result of a create encrypted collection.
Public classDataKeyOptions
Options for creating a data key.
Public classEncryptOptions
Encryption options for explicit encryption.
Public classMongoEncryptionCreateCollectionException
Represents an encryption exception.
Public classMongoEncryptionException
Represents an encryption exception.
Public classRangeOptions
Range options.
Public classRewrapManyDataKeyOptions
Rewrap many data keys options.
Public classRewrapManyDataKeyResult
Rewrap many data keys result.
Public enumerationEncryptionAlgorithm
Represents an encryption algorithm.