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MongoDB.Driver.Core.Authentication Namespace
The MongoDB.Driver.Core.Authentication namespace contains classes related to authentication.
Public classDefaultAuthenticator
The default authenticator (uses SCRAM-SHA1 if possible, falls back to MONGODB-CR otherwise).
Public classGssapiAuthenticator
A GSSAPI SASL authenticator.
Public classMongoDBCRAuthenticator
A MONGODB-CR authenticator.
Public classMongoDBX509Authenticator
A MongoDB-X509 authenticator.
Public classPlainAuthenticator
A PLAIN SASL authenticator.
Public classSaslAuthenticator
Base class for a SASL authenticator.
Protected classSaslAuthenticatorCompletedStep
Represents a completed SASL step.
Protected classSaslAuthenticatorSaslConversation
Represents a SASL conversation.
Public classScramSha1Authenticator
A SCRAM-SHA1 SASL authenticator.
Public classUsernamePasswordCredential
Represents a username/password credential.