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IndexOptionsBuilderTDocument Class
A builder for the options used when creating an index.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: MongoDB.Driver.Builders
Assembly: MongoDB.Driver.Legacy (in MongoDB.Driver.Legacy.dll) Version: 2.4.1
public class IndexOptionsBuilder<TDocument> : BuilderBase, 

Type Parameters

The type of the document.

The IndexOptionsBuilderTDocument type exposes the following members.

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Protected methodFinalize
Allows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection.
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Serves as the default hash function.
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Public methodSetBackground
Sets whether to build the index in the background.
Public methodSetBits
Sets the location precision bits.
Public methodSetBucketSize
Sets the bucket size for geospatial haystack indexes.
Public methodSetDropDups
Sets whether duplicates should be dropped.
Public methodSetGeoSpatialRange
Sets the geospatial range.
Public methodSetName
Sets the name of the index.
Public methodSetPartialFilterExpression
Sets the partial filter expression.
Public methodSetSparse
Sets whether the index is a sparse index.
Public methodSetStorageEngineOptions
Sets the storage engine options.
Public methodSetTextDefaultLanguage
Sets the default language for the text index.
Public methodSetTextLanguageOverride
Specifies a member expression for the field name containing the language for the text index.
Public methodSetTimeToLive
Sets the time to live value.
Public methodSetUnique
Sets whether the index enforces unique values.
Public methodSetWeightTMember
Sets the weight of a field for the text index.
Public methodToBsonDocument
Converts this object to a BsonDocument.
(Overrides BuilderBaseToBsonDocument.)
Public methodToString
Returns a string representation of the settings.
(Inherited from BuilderBase.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodToBson
Serializes an object to a BSON byte array.
(Defined by BsonExtensionMethods.)
Public Extension MethodToBsonDocument
Serializes an object to a BsonDocument.
(Defined by BsonExtensionMethods.)
Public Extension MethodToJson
Serializes an object to a JSON string.
(Defined by BsonExtensionMethods.)
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