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MongoDB.Driver.Core.Misc Namespace

The MongoDB.Driver.Core.Misc namespace contains miscellaneous classes.
Public classArrayFiltersFeature
Represents the arrayFilters feature.
Public classBatchableSourceT
Represents a batch of items that can be split if not all items can be processed at once.
Public classCollationFeature
Represents the collation feature.
Public classCommandsThatWriteAcceptWriteConcernFeature
Represents the commands that write accept write concern concern feature.
Public classEndPointHelper
Represents helper methods for EndPoints.
Public classEnsure
Represents methods that can be used to ensure that parameter values meet expected conditions.
Public classFeature
Represents a feature that is not supported by all versions of the server.
Public classFixedCountBatchableSourceSerializerTItem
A serializer for BatchableSource that serializes a fixed count of items.
Public classRangeT
Represents a range between a minimum and a maximum value.
Public classReadConcernFeature
Represents the read concern feature.
Public classSemanticVersion
Represents a semantic version number.
Public classSemaphoreSlimRequest
Represents a tentative request to acquire a SemaphoreSlim.
Public classSizeLimitingBatchableSourceSerializerTItem
A serializer for BatchableSource that serializes as much of the BatchableSource as fits in the max batch count and size.