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MongoDB.Driver.Core.Operations Namespace

The MongoDB.Driver.Core.Operations namespace contains classes related to operations.
Public classAbortTransactionOperation
The abort transaction operation.
Public classAggregateExplainOperation
Represents an aggregate explain operations.
Public classAggregateOperationTResult
Represents an aggregate operation.
Public classAggregateToCollectionOperation
Represents an aggregate operation that writes the results to an output collection.
Public classAsyncCursorTDocument
Represents an async cursor.
Public classBulkMixedWriteOperation
Represents a mixed write bulk operation.
Public classBulkWriteConcernError
Represents the details of a write concern error.
Public classBulkWriteOperationError
Represents the details of a write error for a particular request.
Public classBulkWriteOperationResult
Represents the result of a bulk write operation.
Public classBulkWriteOperationResultAcknowledged
Represents the result of an acknowledged bulk write operation.
Public classBulkWriteOperationResultUnacknowledged
Represents the result of an unacknowledged BulkWrite operation.
Public classBulkWriteOperationUpsert
Represents the information about one Upsert.
Public classChangeStreamOperationTResult
A change stream operation.
Public classCommandOperationBaseTCommandResult
Represents the base class for a command operation.
Public classCommitTransactionOperation
The commit transaction operation.
Public classCountDocumentsOperation
Represents a count documents operation.
Public classCountOperation
Represents a count operation.
Public classCreateCollectionOperation
Represents a create collection operation.
Public classCreateIndexesOperation
Represents a create indexes operation.
Public classCreateIndexesUsingCommandOperation
Represents a create indexes operation that uses the createIndexes command.
Public classCreateIndexesUsingInsertOperation
Represents a create indexes operation that inserts into the system.indexes collection (used with older server versions).
Public classCreateIndexRequest
Represents a create index request.
Public classCreateViewOperation
Represents a create view operation.
Public classDatabaseExistsOperation
Represents a database exists operation.
Public classDeleteOpcodeOperation
Represents a delete operation using the delete opcode.
Public classDeleteRequest
Represents a request to delete one or more documents.
Public classDistinctOperationTValue
Represents a distinct operation.
Public classDropCollectionOperation
Represents a drop collection operation.
Public classDropDatabaseOperation
Represents a drop database operation.
Public classDropIndexOperation
Represents a drop index operation.
Public classEndTransactionOperation
Abstract base class for AbortTransactionOperation and CommitTransactionOperation.
Public classEvalOperation
Represents an eval operation.
Public classExplainOperation
Represents an explain operation.
Public classFindAndModifyOperationBaseTResult
Represents a base class for find and modify operations.
Public classFindAndModifyValueDeserializerTResult
Represents a deserializer for find and modify result values.
Public classFindCommandOperationTDocument
Represents a Find command operation.
Public classFindOneAndDeleteOperationTResult
Represents a find one and delete operation.
Public classFindOneAndReplaceOperationTResult
Represents a find one and replace operation.
Public classFindOneAndUpdateOperationTResult
Represents a find one and update operation.
Public classFindOpcodeOperationTDocument
Represents a Find opcode operation.
Public classFindOperationTDocument
Represents a Find operation.
Public classGeoNearOperationTResult
Represents the geoNear command.
Public classGeoSearchOperationTResult
Represents the geoSearch command.
Public classGroupOperationTResult
Represents a group operation.
Public classIndexNameHelper
Represents helper methods for index names.
Public classInsertOpcodeOperationTDocument
Represents an insert operation using the insert opcode.
Public classInsertRequest
Represents a request to insert a document.
Public classListCollectionsOperation
Represents a list collections operation.
Public classListCollectionsUsingCommandOperation
Represents a list collections operation.
Public classListCollectionsUsingQueryOperation
Represents a list collections operation.
Public classListDatabasesOperation
Represents the listDatabases command.
Public classListIndexesOperation
Represents a list indexes operation.
Public classListIndexesUsingCommandOperation
Represents a list indexes operation.
Public classListIndexesUsingQueryOperation
Represents a list indexes operation.
Public classMapReduceLegacyOperation
Represents a map-reduce operation.
Public classMapReduceOperationTResult
Represents a map-reduce operation.
Public classMapReduceOperationBase
Represents a base class for map-reduce operations.
Public classMapReduceOutputToCollectionOperation
Represents a map-reduce operation that outputs its results to a collection.
Public classMongoBulkWriteOperationException
Represents a bulk write operation exception.
Public classNoOperationClock
An object that represents no operation clock.
Public classOperationExtensionMethods
Represents extension methods for operations.
Public classParallelScanOperationTDocument
Represents a parallel scan operation.
Public classPingOperation
Represents a ping operation.
Public classReadCommandOperationTCommandResult
Represents a read command operation.
Public classReIndexOperation
Represents a reindex operation.
Public classRenameCollectionOperation
Represents a rename collection operation.
Public classRetryableDeleteCommandOperation
Represents a delete command operation.
Public classRetryableInsertCommandOperationTDocument
Represents an insert command operation.
Public classRetryableUpdateCommandOperation
Represents an update command operation.
Public classRetryableWriteCommandOperationBase
Represents a base class for a delete, insert or update command operation.
Public classRetryableWriteContext
Represents a context for retryable writes.
Public classUpdateOpcodeOperation
Represents an update operation using the update opcode.
Public classUpdateRequest
Represents a request to update one or more documents.
Public classWriteCommandOperationTCommandResult
Represents a write command operation.
Public classWriteRequest
Represents a request to write something to the database.
Public enumerationCursorType
The cursor type.
Public enumerationExplainVerbosity
The verbosity of an explanation.
Public enumerationMapReduceOutputMode
Represents the map-reduce output mode.
Public enumerationReturnDocument
The document to return when executing a FindAndModify command.
Public enumerationUpdateType
Represents the update type.
Public enumerationWriteRequestType
Represents the type of a write request.