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MongoDB.Driver.Core.WireProtocol.Messages.Encoders Namespace

The MongoDB.Driver.Core.WireProtoco.Messages.Encoders namespace contains classes related to message encoders.
Public classCommandResponseMessageEncoderSelector
Represents a message encoder selector for CommandResponseMessages.
Public classMessageEncoderSettings
Represents settings for message encoders.
Public classMessageEncoderSettingsName
Represents the names of different encoder settings.
Public classReplyMessageEncoderSelectorTDocument
Represents a message encoder selector for ReplyMessages.
Public interfaceIEncodableMessage
Represents an encodable message.
Public interfaceIMessageEncoder
Represents a message encoder.
Public interfaceIMessageEncoderFactory
Represents a message encoder factory.
Public interfaceIMessageEncoderPostProcessor
Represents the changes that can be made to a message after it has been encoded.
Public interfaceIMessageEncoderSelector
Represents a message encoder selector that gets the appropriate encoder from an encoder factory.