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ReadConcernLevel Enumeration

The leve of the read concern.

Namespace:  MongoDB.Driver
Assembly:  MongoDB.Driver.Core (in MongoDB.Driver.Core.dll) Version: 2.8.0+cc573f3e1f48f39162b4b680e921a623e127e8fa
public enum ReadConcernLevel
  Member nameValueDescription
Local0 Reads data committed locally.
Majority1 Reads data committed to a majority of nodes.
Linearizable2 Avoids returning data from a "stale" primary (one that has already been superseded by a new primary but doesn't know it yet). It is important to note that readConcern level linearizable does not by itself produce linearizable reads; they must be issued in conjunction with w:majority writes to the same document(s) in order to be linearizable.
Snapshot3 Snapshot read concern level.
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