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MongoDB.Driver.Core.Authentication Namespace

The MongoDB.Driver.Core.Authentication namespace contains classes related to authentication.
Public classDefaultAuthenticator
The default authenticator. If saslSupportedMechs is not present in the isMaster results for mechanism negotiation uses SCRAM-SHA-1 when talking to servers >= 3.0. Prior to server 3.0, uses MONGODB-CR. Else, uses SCRAM-SHA-256 if present in the list of mechanisms. Otherwise, uses SCRAM-SHA-1 the default, regardless of whether SCRAM-SHA-1 is in the list.
Public classGssapiAuthenticator
A GSSAPI SASL authenticator.
Public classMongoDBCRAuthenticator Obsolete.
A MONGODB-CR authenticator. This authenticator was replaced by ScramSha1Authenticator in MongoDB 3.0, and is now deprecated.
Public classMongoDBX509Authenticator
A MongoDB-X509 authenticator.
Public classPlainAuthenticator
A PLAIN SASL authenticator.
Public classSaslAuthenticator
Base class for a SASL authenticator.
Protected classSaslAuthenticatorCompletedStep
Represents a completed SASL step.
Protected classSaslAuthenticatorSaslConversation
Represents a SASL conversation.
Public classScramSha1Authenticator
A SCRAM-SHA1 SASL authenticator.
Public classScramSha256Authenticator
A SCRAM-SHA256 SASL authenticator. In .NET Standard, this class does not normalize the password in the credentials, so non-ASCII passwords may not work unless they are normalized into Unicode Normalization Form KC beforehand.
Public classScramShaAuthenticator
A SCRAM-SHA SASL authenticator.
Public classUsernamePasswordCredential
Represents a username/password credential.
Protected delegateScramShaAuthenticatorH
An H function as defined in RFC5802.
Protected delegateScramShaAuthenticatorHi
A Hi function used to compute the SaltedPassword as defined in RFC5802, except with "str" parameter replaced with a UsernamePassword credential so that the password can be optionally digested/prepped in a secure fashion before being consumed as the "str" parameter would be in RFC5802's Hi.
Protected delegateScramShaAuthenticatorHmac
An HMAC function as defined in RFC5802, plus the encoding of the data.